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P53 Diet Members Network

We created this members network to give a platform so the P53 Diet members can reach out to others members that have the same interests. You will be to see the experiences other members have had on their quest to better health. Create groups for members to join or you can join an existing group.

 P53 Diet Members Network Social Features

  • The Social wall let’s you share posts, pictures, videos, and other content.
  • Friend connection feature to help you connect with people by sending, accepting and removing friendship.
  • Follows and unfollow system.
  • Notification to keep you notified on likes, comments, etc.
  • Private messages feature.
  • User groups feature to bring together people with similar interest in the interactive position.
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Bookmark posts.
  • Like, comment, reply and mention feature along with the number of emoticons and smileys.
  • Media uploader that allows uploading media files.
  • Sticky posts, site-wide notices, live URL preview, extended profile features to add on to the user experience.
  • Block unwanted messages from users.
  • Block any users from seeing your posts, comments, etc.
David W. Brown Author/Researcher
and founder of the P53 Diet & P53 Food Carts

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